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22 NOVEMBER 1982

Almost 40 years ago, on the 22nd of November 1982, after numerous years of planning and many, many months of hard work and dedication, workers and volunteers laid down their tools and inaugurated ANFE House – the first Italian club in the Fortitude Valley/Newstead area, and headquarters of the National Association of Migrant Families also known as ANFE.

It was a joyous occasion and it marked the beginning of a new era for this well-known and active association. In the 80’s, ANFE House, which is situated at 10 Wyandra Street, Newstead, became the hub for many social and cultural activities and every week, hundreds of people poured through the club house to enjoy a traditional plate of pasta or a “stecca al piatto” (steak on a plate) as it affectionately became known, which had been prepared by the volunteer ladies of the ANFE committee.

Today ANFE House, which has been re-branded to ANFE ITALIAN CLUB, continues to be a very popular haunt for both locals and visitors to the area and has introduced an authentic Italian Restaurant within it’s premises where a team of very talented chefs from Italy will tantalise your tastebuds with their genuine authentic recipes direct from the kitchens in Italy.

Who is behind your club?

Every year, an ANFE Management committee is elected by the members of the club. All positions on the committee are voluntary and committee members spend many hours to ensure ANFE’s aims and objectives are met. 

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